Bye, 2010

Did you do anything this year you've never done before ?

I moved in to my own flat for the first time. I've always had flatmates so that was a big deal for me. And I learned a lot from that experience. I really like to live on my own. I also went back to Glasgow, but this time to study, so first time studying at a foreign university and in english. So far its been hard, but fun. Looking forward to going back next week.

Do you have any New Year's resolutions ?

Not really, you never really keep them. Just that this year should be a good, with a lot of fun. I'd like to say loose weight and save the world as everyone else, but it's just not me.

Did any of your friends become parents this year ?

It feels like everyone became parents, so yes. And more in 2011!

What countries did you visit ?

Went for a visit in Glasgow, as well as moving back. The family took over NY City so America got a visit. As well as Oslo, Norway. Think that is it...

What dates from 2010 will you always remember ?

My god... A lot of them ? No, 3rd of august, it was my birthday and I found out that I was accepted for an exchange year at Strathclyde. Overall, I'm really bad with dates but there is a lot of memories I'll cherish. Enough said.

What is your biggest success from 2010 ?

Biggest success ? I managed to get through my first year of uni, and always had a place to live. I got in to Strathclyde, I moved yet again and the biggest of them all, I managed to NOT spend all of my student loan that I get in a chunk each semester at once. I'm proud.

Your biggest mistake ?

Oh, I try not to regret things. But if I have to name one, is that I didn't try to make more of my time on Gothenburg. But at the time I enjoyed, it's first now that I've realized it could have been a lot more.

Best buy ?

My Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, all my christmas presents for my family and my "ugly" jacket from Topshop.

On what did you spend most money ?

On my move to Glasgow, with deposit, rent, plane tickets and all.

Did something make you extra happy ?

My stepdad was declared free (? healthy?) from prostate cancer and it made us all jump of joy. Getting in and moving to Glasgow comes after that...

What songs will always remind you of this year ?

Pony pony run run - Hey you, Counting crows - Mr Jones, Oskar Linnros - Från och med du, Robyn - Don't fucking tell me what to do, The Roots - How I got over, Cat Empire - The chariot

Have you been happier or sad 2010 compared to last year ?

It's difficult to say. I wouldn't say happier, or sad, but different.

What else do you wish you would have done this year ?

I wish I could have gone to more festivals this summer, and for a trip abroad to a warm, fuzzy place. But we'll make up for that 2011 !

Favorite show on TV?

There's a lot of them. Mad men, the Walking dead, Gossip girl, Inbetweeners, Biggest loser... The list goes on.

What did you do for your birthday 2010 ?

I baked a whole lot of cakes, invited all of my friends over for cakes and booze. And then we went out dancing. Celebrated another three times with family etc. My birthday is my favorite day, can't you tell ?

How would you describe your style this year ?

Back to basic. It's swedish but with a twist. I've realized I don't follow trends that much, or at least the ones that can be used over and over again as two thirds of my wardrobe is more than a year old.

The best person you've got to know this year ?

I can't say I've gotten to know that many new people. But if I had to pick, my flatmate Dino. She's one of a kind.

Wishes for 2011 ?

Hopefully, I'll come out of the year at Strathclyde alive. I want to go to London for a weekend, and back to NY ! And I'm keeping fingers and toes, arms and legs, crossed that I'll get a good flat when I get back to Gothenburg. Where I can stay for as long as I want, or at least for as long I'm at uni. And that my family stays healthy and happy. All and all, I wish 2011 will be THE year.

-20, lovely

It's good to be back ! In my old bed, in my mums flat, in my town. But not in the cold... I'm dying here, and I've not even been outside today. Well, only for a quick smoke. Tonight, music quiz at Koriander. Senait was suppose to join us, her birthday and all. But a friend of ours was sent to the hospital, probably in labour. So she's taking care of her and maybe a child. It really is christmas.


No worries, got home safe and sound. -20 and it is fucking freezing. Watching Misfits and becoming increasingly obsessed with Robert Sheehan and his character Nathan. So funny ! So hot... Robert, call me anytime !

FUCK, fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck !

I hate this country and I hate snow. The resentment I feel towards all of this is massive. So, everyone in the north of England and up are so scared of the predicted snowfall at the end of the week that the big supermarkets have stopped the orders of non-grocery items. This is ridiculous. I'm so scared that I won't be able to go home. Even though I won't be alone and we're all invited to Sue's to celebrate christmas if we get stranded, I just really want to go home. I'm gonna go to bed now and feel sorry for myself.

Hold your thumbs now, for no snow in Scotland !

My flatmates are funny

"I sometimes forget that I'm gay. But then I see, like, Rihanna on X-factor yesterday and I have to pick up my jaw of the floor. And I realize, suprised, that I'm gay. Again."

14, really ?!

I was standing outside work, having a fag and this man came up to me. "You're only 14, you shouldn't be smoking ?!". Really ? 14 ?! Cheers for that, pal...

Get a real dog.

I get really pissed off with people dressing up their dogs. Sure, it might be cold. But for fuck sake, get a proper dog if that's the case. Working all weekend, quite nice. Money at least. So i'm gonna go for a wee gay man and then get back to making up new coffees. I've tasted a lot of weird tonight...

9 days.

The Nobel ball

I'm gutted. First of all, I'm missing out on the Nobel ball tonight. Please tell me how the dessert looked like, that's my favorite part. And second, I'm working tomorrow. Which means I'm also going to miss the X-factor finals ! I'm so upset.

So tomorrow, I'm going to treat myself to a lie in. And then a nice bath, maybe even read a book that's not course work. Sounds like a plan doesn't it ? I'm definitely not going into town to do some x-mas shopping because they've predicted that tomorrow is going to be the busiest day of the year. People have not been able to do any shopping during the week because of the snow so they'll hurry to do it tomorrow. Especially with the forecast of snow for next week...

Friends and family back home: I miss you like the fat kid on a diet misses his cakes. A lot !


Trying not to freak out over the fact that moste weather forecasts are promising snow for next week. My flight is on a week from monday and most claims there will be snow on thursday, friday and saturday next week. It might even be some snowing on monday when the flight is. What if I can't get home ?!

Layla said if that happens, at least we won't be alone. And Sue said that we're welcome to her house to celebrate christmas, when we're in Edinburgh anyways. And don't get me wrong, this is all very good. But I JUST WANT TO COME HOME FOR CHRISTMAS.

The only thing keeping my mood up just now is the fact that I've finished all my uni work. Except for a group report, but we're meeting up on monday to do that. Which means a weekend of nothing. Never been so happay. And I can do an extra shift on sunday, to help out and off course earn some extra money.

That's me. Gonna try to do some x-mas shopping.

Girls makes me laugh

365 days

It's blogs like this one that makes me realize I'll never have the time, effort or patience to turn my own into what i want. But for now I'm happy with mine acting as an update for my family and friends back home on my life over seas. What will happened in the future, only time will tell. What I do know, is that I desperately want a digital system camera. Wouldn't life be a bit easier then ? Oh, the consumerism in our world...


Acne, i love you.

One of these could be my christmas present for myself. Which one do you think ? They all cost around 1700 SEK, except for the blouse at 2200 SEK. I know it's a lot, but sometimes a girl just needs to feel beautiful in something expensive.

A cardigan is always a good choice that is really wearable.

The blouse is just so pretty. Pretty please !

I find the back on this really interesting. I want it in black, but the photo of this one shows off the back a lot better.
So which one of these lovely Acne beauties do you think I should go for ? The blouse has open shoulder which I am a bit skeptical about. But the one without is a lot shorter... I'm leaning towards the last. An interesting basic item, that could be teamed with a lot of nice stuff. But black ? It's just easiest.

I miss my long hair

Locked through old photos from last year on FB. I miss my long hair ! But it is growing quite fast now so hopefully I'll be back in my bun in no time.
In september, just before I moved.

Today, longer and blonder for some reason ? I've done nothing to it. Except for a couple of washes with silver shampoo...

Still chaos

Planned to go into uni today because I had books that were overdue and I needed to get some new ones. So I set the alarm, went up, checked my email at about 9.20 and no new information that should indicate that uni was closed. So I went down to the road, jumped on a packed bus and travelled into town. Treated myself with a take away coffee and started to walk to uni.

When I finally arrived at the library I walk in. Somethings wrong. It's a bit dark is it not ? The doors are shut ? A big note saying that the whole university including the library is closed for the day. No one was more pissed off than me. Bumped into a guy from one of my courses that just done the same thing. We decided to try to get an extension for yet another essay. Looks like everything is going to be due next week...
Walked over to the bus stop, slipped and fell. Skilled enough, I manage to not spill my coffee or hurt my laptop. Waited for ever for the bus, that usually takes me all the way home. But today the last stop was at central. Sue had texted me to tell me that at least the trains seemed to be up and running. So I walked into the station to see that they were all cancelled. Walked back to the bus stop. Waited waited waited. It finally came.
I can't really say that this was my day. Instead of doing work I was so cold that I spent a couple of hours in bed trying to warm up. But I've been feeling weird all day so no work done, what so ever. Trying not to freak and tell myself that I have all day tomorrow to catch up. So now I'm off to bed.
Top chef <3

Snowed in, really ?!

My plan for the day was to go into uni quite early. Have a lot of assignments due this week so all time I can get. We were also suppose to meet with our group today. But guess what happened ? The snow came and it came down bad. Sue left the flat before me and when I got down to the bus stop, realizing that the traffic was pretty much jammed she sent me txt. Apparently, our uni had sent out an email saying that all staff and students ON campus were to stay put and the staff and students still at home were advised to not leave the house. For some snow. So I've went back home and I've spent the day in our livingroom with Dino and then Sue as well, studying, having a banter.

Chaos, utterly chaos. It took Sue almost two hours on the bus into uni, a trip that normally take about 20-30 min. And when the poor thing arrived, all classes were closed and the library closed at 4 instead of 9. So she went to a café to wait there before her shift at work at 5. But all the cafés were closed. So she went to work, but the restaurant were she works was closing as well. So she decided to go x-mas shopping. But all the shops in town were closed as well. And when she was going to take the bus home, there were no buses. So she walked, in the snow, for 2 (!) to get home.
As I said. Chaos. For a bit of snow. I'm scared that I won't be able to get home. Only two weeks now Sweden, only two weeks !


Yeah sure

Just got an email. "Give away a Mac for christmas". Like that's going to happen...

we were promised global warming

With my mind somewhere else and my eyes looking out through the window, the white city of Glasgow passed. It is snowing again, snow snow snow. Last friday it made my day, jumping of joy and I couldn't stop staring. Now, I don't know. Maybe because I'm just not that happy just now. It's all so grey, the city's streets, cars, garbage, people is messing up the white photo that I wish I could send to all my loved ones.

And don't get me wrong. I AM happy, really. Much more than I've been for a while. But all this work, the agony your feeling when you don't write anything for two days and your head is completely empty. I can't stand it. I am excellent at putting stuff aside, maing excuses. I do work a lot better under pressure, but still. When the pressure is just too much, it's no good. But I can't ignore it.

Don't mind me, I'm just rambling on about my misery that I've put myself in. I think I'm going to get out of this library, head over to work and spend the next fem hours before my shift studying there. It might get me somewhere.

My aim is a 1000 words by tomorrow night. Possible ? Probably but not likely.


I wish this could be over

Well, finished one of the essays. Just another million to go... See you in another life brother.

Oh this country is funny

So it started snowing on friday and it hasn't really stopped since. Or well it has, but it keeps snowing on and off every day. And it amazes me how unprepared this country is for snow. Was at Glasgow uni on monday and was getting a ride from there to work by Dino. Spent half an hour trying to get her car out from the tiniest parking space in the world. When we finally managed to get it out of the space, the road was to icy and we were trying to go uphill. Not a very good combination. But this nice man came out from one of the houses with a big shuffle so me manage to get on the street but never up. So it was just to reverse all the way down.

No one has winter tires. And the fact that the whole of UK ran out of salt and grit last year, makes them really scared to start salting and gritting the streets. So everyone really struggles to get anywhere. It took Sue half an hour to get from our bus stop to the next one on the bus. There, the bus broke down and the buses after that were all full so she had to walk into uni.
In my American politics class they've given us a week extension for our essays because apparently a lot of people can't get in to uni and the library... Seriously, it's not even that much snow.
Amazing, isn't it ?!

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