Old times

It's been a long times since I've written here. Or anywhere. But tonight I went back and read al those posts from 2010 and 2011, and got all warm and fuzzy inside. It's funny that there is still a few people who ends up reading this blog, which hasn't been updated in over two years.
So, what has happened? I left Glasgow after my year with such great memories and friends for life. Spent the summer in the States working as an au pair in Darien, CT, outside New York. Came back to move in to my first proper flat on my own, finished my last year of uni with placement at Adecco and a thesis finally. Got a job at Adecco as a recruiter, and here I am. It's 2013, still working and enjoying life. Not so much at the moment, but that's because my foot is a cast and I'm on crutches. But only 5 days to go, and I'm back on two legs. I've got the best of friends who's keeping me company, doing my laundry and cooking for me so I'm not the one to complain. 
We'll see when I'll be back here again, but it was so nice to be able to go back and read about how it alla was back then. It's a diary most of all, so maybe I should keep this just for that.

Bye bye, blogg.se

So for ALL of you who's made your way to this blog, it's time to change that bookmark. I'm leaving blogg.se to new, hopefully better grounds. So all of you, click on this link to get to my new Spotlife-blog. It's still under construction so be patient with the design etc.

I'll miss you if you don't...

Something exciting

Helena is arriving today and I'm way to excited to form any kind of thoughts and ideas for this book review. I'll give it a go though, because I don't really have anything else to entertain myself with for the next 3 hours. So i'll try, I will. Also, dear wee mom, if you are reading this. I've got really strange bruises on my leg, the one with the twisted ankle. Definetely not from the fall... What can they be ? Give me a ring.

And for all of you, my dear readers. Something exciting for this blog is coming. It's in a planning and hope stage so far, but I think it could be good. Hope you will too.

New nails

Went to get my nails done this morning. It was quite a nice experience and not to expensive. Cheaper than I thought at £31, so I could definetely go again. But I will make sure to go on wednesday because than you get 2 for 1, which means they'll give you a voucher for the same treatment for free to use at another time. Or to go with a friend. I'll show you guys a picture when I get back to the flat tonight. I did natural pink extensions so no frensh tips, which means I've painted them over because who has pale pink whitish nails ? Bought a nice light brown polish together with a darkred. Painted them brown for now, we'll see when the dark red will go on. Hopefully this will lead to me quit biting my nails. Fingers crossed !

Now, back to uni work before actual work. Btw, twisted my ankle again tuesday night getting off the bus so if you see a blond girl limping around at iCafe GWR, that's me.

Essays - it takes time

And it's killing me. I'm a really slow starter but when I finally get started I would say I'm pretty fast. But for tonight, I'm done. Decided that my essay was taking a turn and that I needed to read some more. But at the same time I was thinking that I've already read to much. So I'm leaving it for a while. It's not due for another couple of weeks and between that I have another essay AND a book review to finish. Sigh, the panic is slowly starting to come back. But I'm trying to take it easy, not to work myself up too much. I'll get nothing done if I do that.

So watching a film and then sleep. You need sleep.

Day off

Been at uni most of the day today. It really is insane how much work I have to do... It's killing me just a wee bit. So I decided this is the week I'm treating myself to some nice things. Like dying my hair, which I'm in the process of doing just now. It's not so much dying as even out the roots, but still. It feels nice. And I'm also getting my nails done on thursday. Always wanted to try and off course give the whole stop-biting-my-nails-hell a go again. So getting wee extensions done thursday. Then off course my dear dear Helena is arriving on friday which means a weekend of drinks, fun times and shopping off course. Already have my eyes set on a new bag from COS. I know mom, I have my Marc By Marc Jacobs. But as I'm really not a big bag person I would like to have a bag so swap with ones in while, don't want to wear out my dear MarcyMark.

Need to wash this color out, will show the result tomorrow. Btw, how much does the latest episode of Gossip girl make you long for the next one ?! OMG, lonely boy and Queen B, who would have guessed ?!
Love you,


YES ! Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes and YES ! I've finally, F I N A L L Y, managed to get my own flat in Gothenburg. For you who don't know the living situation in the big cities of Sweden, it is a mission impossible. But I've finally made it. Move in date 1st of may, so obviously it will be empty for a bit but didnt want to gamble and risk not getting a flat. But this is all mine, for myself, as long as I'm at uni in Gothenburg. I'm so happy I want to cry. I've moved 10 times in the last 2 years, so for me not having to move for a while will be fucking amazing. Sorry for my french but it's unbelievable.

Love you, love you, love you.

Sloppy saturday

Oh, just had a day infront of loads of tv-series yesterday instead of doing uni work. But sometimes your head needs that to be able to really beast what you are suppose to do when the time is right. Today I headed for the library with the swedish comedians Filip Hammar and Fredrik Wikingson. Good shit. I've written a bit on the essay but it's time to call it a day and work instead.

See you later, cheers, thank you, ta !

New but old iPod

As I said, my iPod broke last weekend. It's was fine except for the menu button, that didn't work. Went into Apple store here in Glasgow, and was told I had to book an appointment for examination... I know, it's like taking your iPod to the doctors. But I took it and was told that everything was fine except for the menu button and because of it being a closed product there was nothing they could. I got a couple of days to backup my music through Senuti and to say good bye. Went in yesterday and have to give my baby away so receive a new one. It was hard, I have to tell you. It's been with me for over two years, and it's done me well. I gave it a wee pet and got my new baby to take home. It's now plugged in and I've transferred most of my music. It did give me the opportunity to do a cleaning of my music library and get rid of that music that no one really listens to more than once.

So, my new baby and I are now trying to get to know each other.

It's been a while...

Oh, and that sentence makes me think of that song. Can't remember by who, but it reminds me of my teenage years. The last week has been busy. I'm swamped in uni work so I doubt that I'll do anything fun before next weekend when my dear dear Helena is over for a visit. This week has also involved Dino's birthday, the making and eating of hajktarta, as well as a lot of lost keys and a night of too much afterpartying in the flat by other people when trying to sleep. So I've been tired for a bit as well. My iPod broke, so I'm picking up a new one today. And, I twisted my ancle and fell down the stairs in the lecture theatre. Such a good friday... Everyone's away for the weekend so my plan is to beast one of a million essays and finish it. I'll come back with an update on that when I know if I failed or not...

Love you

Wet silence

Sorry for the silence, guys. But the week did not start the best way. Were sitting alone in my living room on monday night, talking to Julia and Carro on skype. All of a sudden I here what I thought was the shower. Which was weird because everyone was away. So I went to have a look and when I open door for the bathroom their is a flood of water coming out of the bathroom light. I panic and throw in like on towel before trying to get in touch with the landlord. When the plumbers finally came, a lot of the water had made its way down to the neighbor downstairs. So not only is our roof and floor ruined, her roof as well. Apparently the water tank over our bathroom over flooded because it was rusty, and instead of the over flowing pipe going out the building it was pointing down our bathroom... And because all the electricity lying loose up their we're not allowed to use the electric shower. And as our landlord so nicely put it - 'You guys have a bath don't you?'. So, for now all of us just have to take baths...

Oh, the relaxing feeling of a bath.

New York, New York, I'm longing for New York

I want to go now. Now, now, NOW !

This week is New York Fashion week and where ever you turn you hear someone talking about it, in a blog, a magazine, the TV. It makes me want to go back so bad. I'm obsessed with the blog NioTillFem, and off course my fav, Where Did you get that. A while back I discovered the blog Ett annat New York, where a couple in NY is giving you the best tips on non-tourist places. And I've now got a ache in my heart for NYC, I just want to go back and that is soon. I'm thinking late August. Who's with me ? Ten days of just walking around Manhattan, Brooklyn, Williamsburg ? Anyone, please say yes. I need this. We'll rent a flat and be proper New Yorkers for a while, wouldn't that be great ?!

Who's with me ?

Less is more

I could look like this all day everyday. Hands down for Columbine.

Ain't no sunshine

When they're gone, anytime they go away. It's been a bit dark this week, was in such a bad mood yesterday at work. Thought I was going to snap over the smallest of things, and it was quite busy so it could have happened. Luckily it didn't. I've been studying all day today, and now I'm at work again. Thought I was working tomorrow but it was today which threw me off a bit. But what can you do, looking forward to tomorrow night. Just going to have quiet night in. By the way, a man just printed off roughly 350 pages at work, at 20 p a sheet... Looks like we're reaching our target tonight...

Still in the planning stage of what's coming. Be patient.

Love you, you're the best things in life.


Fantastic pics from Sofia Ajram.

Last night, with a proper cold luring
in the back of my throat I was kind of happy that the weekend was over, and that reality were approaching. This morning, when I woke up in an empty flat, no swedes and no flatmates, a big knot appeared in my stomach. It's been such a good weekend, maybe just a bit too much time spent on shopping. But I guess it's different for my guests, they don't see it the way I do. And I've spent way to much money, so from now on, till tuesday next week it's lentil soups and eating out the freezer. But hey, at least I'm ill so I won't spend any money on tobacco... Mama will be happy.

I've got some plans for this blog of mine. Hopefully you'll see some of them tomorrow already.
Miss you, love you, hate the books...

Break ? Break.

So my dear friends. I can't promise I will at any point during the rest of this week give you guys a post. Because when you have guest over you have to entertain. And to be completely honest, it's tirying just to think about it. What should I plan for them ? Two of them has been here before, one hasn't. All I know is there will be a few nights out. So just to say sorry for the lack of posting in advance, I'll get back to you after the weekend of visitors.

Miss the rest of you, it breaks my heart !

PS. Saturday fun if you don't fancy a night out: The Stand in Woodlands, if you need a good laugh !

Mac n' cheese

These two are arriving tomorrow at 7, and Julia on friday the same time. EXCITED !
Almost posted a pic on my dinner with this post but realized it looked really nasty. Just pasta and a really cheesy sauce. But it was really nice, just what I needed. Just now I've been tidying the flat a bit, yet again done some laundry. Basically preparing for my girls' visit. I'm so excited, been looking forward for this for ages, it's going to be so much fun. But first I'll have a day at work before I go and pick them. But now, my bed is calling...
Love you,

Hank Moody

Hank Moody, in real life the actor David Duvochny. Pic Mag-mag

For you who have missed this brilliant show, it's called Californication and it's about writer Hank Moody and his attempt of a life. He's a notorious women's man when he's not chasing after his ex or what not. Always seem to get himself into trouble and even tho it's very much his own fault a lot of the times, one can't help loving this character of a lost boy. So see it, it truly is brilliant. Really looking forward to see what season 4 will bring to the table, Hank has really fucked up yet again... But you know, he's that kind of person that does bad things but really is a good guy, one can tell.
Hank Moody, I've missed you !


Made a little snack plate for lunch, wasn't really to keen on cooking just now.

Monday, it's always such a fun day. So far I've taken care of my room, I've done some laundry and am about to hang some more. Now, I'm reading this book about englishness for one of my classes and one of the book reviews I have to do. Was suppose to go into the library to get it today, but someone beat me to it and snatched the only copy. So for now I have to cope with the one google.books.com has to offer. Not all pages, but most of them I must say. And it saves me £60, there is no way I'm spending that much on a book I need for one thing.
So back to the books.

The weekend of hangovers

Oh, I know I only have myself to blame but my god. I never want to drink again, not that I won't but still. Was working friday night with Johanna, who was going to house party that she invited me to. Why not, and we drank wine, tequila and jageimeister till 5 in the morning. Seemed like a good idea at the time, not at 12 the next day when I woke up in the west end and had to make my way all the way back to southside. Just do shower, get dressed and head into town again for present shopping for Debz. She came over on saturday night, we all got a bit steaming and then headed to this new club in town, club 520. Cheap drinks but no good. So if you don't desperately want to go to a club terrible dance music, there are a lot better places to go to in Glasgow.

The room needs tidying and then uni.
Miss you, love you.

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