As comfy as it gets

I'm in love with my new cardigan. I'm going to live in this. From Topshop.

God, my flatmate Dino must have had the worst day in the world. Went up this morning to say good bye to her, she was suppose to go away on a road trip through England for a week, and she was so stressed. Gave her a hug good bye and went back to bed. Got a text from her about 30 minutes later on where she told me she was an hour early for work and had to sit in her car and wait. Then she came back, apparently they sent her home because she hadn't ironed her shirt. Fair enough, so I said good bye to her again when I left for uni, but when I came back four hours later she was sitting in the sofa, looking seriously depressed. This time, she lost her purse with her bank card, her railway card and all, so she couldn't take the train down to her friends in Wales. I would be completely gutted.
So my day was pretty good compared to hers. Bought 19 pairs of knickers, so tired of having to wash all the time because I'm always running out of underwear. So know I'm well prepared.


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