It's still doing my head in

A weekend full of banter means still essays that's doing my head in. Now, bed, reading, maybe some sleep and then back at it.

Love you all, 3 weeks till Sweden !

I'm so happy, I'm so glad

Got my first assignment here in Scotland back today. It was an exercise in my Research methods class and I got 67 percent ! Don't know how much that means to you Swedish folks but anything above 60 percent is a good mark, 70 percent is an A. The best result in the class was 69 percent. So for a foreign girl like myself, I'm pretty stoked !

Now, to proceed with the essays. Then going into town to find something to wear for tomorrows flatparty which includes finding an awesome hat / head piece.

I could really use a wish right now

Oh, what I wish that I had a pair of deep red velvet heels to match with the much wanted leather pants and everything else she is wearing. And, it would be nice with autumn, now it's just cold but no snow... But I should be happy, it's not raining and it hasn't been for a couple of days. Damn, I think I jinxt it !

Oh, i love my mum and swedish pick and mix

There is a lot more where that came from !


...and flat 2/1, 3 Grantley st in Glasgow has finally, F I N A L L Y ! gone live. There is no words to describe what I'm feeling just now. + my care packade from mum and Sweden arrived today. Thought it was loooong gone, lost in the Royal Mail black hole. So now I'm in bed with swedish pick and mix with the laptop on my tummy. What better way to end the day ?!

Tomorrow, it's uni uni uni. Really need to finish that essay...

the constant struggle

So this essay is doing my head in. My mind is all over the place, got loads of things to say but can't really seem to be able to get them settled down in to one place. It is just such a mess. And my care package my mum sent me is probably gone. I'm crying on the inside, trying not to disturb the whole library. But I'm just so sad. Yet again, the hatred towards the Royal Mail is massive, just as last year when my birthday card for big bro' showed up a month late. But it gives me hope, that the package might arrive. Just really really really late.

Oh, and I was promised snowy photos !

Lanvin for H&M

So, I didn't really like the collection but decided to go anyway because of the accessories. Last year, when Helena and I went to queue for the Matthew Williamson for H&M collection, we got there maybe 15 minutes before opening and there were maybe 10 people in front of us in the queue. Today I got in to town at twenty past eight and stopped by at Starbucks go get myself a coffee. When I got to H&M on Buchanan St there were more than 60 people waiting. Apparently there were 7 tents over the night. Ridiculous. Everyone that wanted to buy from the women line (?) were divided in to groups of 20 people with 15 minute time slots each. Ended up in the 4th group, that got to enter at 10.05. You were only  to buy one item of each. Bought a t-shirt from the menswear collection. The mens shoes were gorgeous, too bad i'm not a size 8...

Found a really nice faux fur waistcoat from the womenswear but decided to only buy the necklace I was there for. Rather proud of my self discipline I must say. Now I'm at the lib trying to write this essay but my cold has taken over. Just want to go home and curl up in bed. That wont happen tho...
Less then 4 weeks, Sweden !

So stupid sometimes

So, i've known for quite some time now that my flight is on the 20th of december, that I'll have to take the train back home and what train to get. I've been in to SJ, the swedish train site (?), and searched for tickets. Found really cheap ones. But no, I had to wait. I do this all the time. Why ? Don't know. This I knew that they would only get more expensive the longer I waited. But still I just bought one today. It wasn't that much more expensive. instead of 95 kr it was 141 kr. But still, I knew this would happened but I never bougth it the first 3 times ?! So stupid.

Anyway, I'm ill. Got a really bad cold and spent the whole weekend in bed, trying not to freak out over the fact that I have a ton of uni work to do... Didn't go very well. Now I'm at work, trying to ignore the sweat running down my back. We're short on staff and I'm already in a bad position because of my x-mas holiday so...

Anyone else but me who's planning to hit the streets early tomorrow morning to buy some cheap Lanvin clothes at H&M ? I'm really not that impressed with the clothes, but I'm obssessed with some of the accessories. We'll see, or you'll see tomorrow what I got.


My world, my room

As promised, here are some photos of my room. Isn't it lovely ?!

I know, I'm useless

Sorry guys, not really in the mood for updating anything about my life just now. Mainly because it only involves uni work and work work at the moment. Got so much to do it's killing me. Handed in a project today, just in the last minute. My group and I thought that we were done, so I was just suppose to meet up with one of the girls today to print it off and then go hand it in. But no, the advisor gave us a couple of last minute advise on changes that we basically had to get done. In the end we handed in 2000 word too many... Can't be bothered.

Now I'm going to enjoy the rest of my break with a nice wee cup of tea and rollie.

Oh no

Where to start ? had a fun weekend, gig on friday. Die antwoord, amazing as usual ( well, this was only the second time i've seen them but still) but too short. Spent saturday in bed, reading and just taking it easy. Feels like it's going to be a lot easier to concentrate on uni if you have a day off once in a while. Saturday night was the celebration of Nialls 21st so we all headed to this shitty little indian restuarant in the west end where you pay £20 and then get to eat and drink as much as you like for 2 hours. Got a bit crazy with the 26 of us, a big hen night party and a table fo 17 year old boys. But had a good night up until we decided to try to get in to a club, all of us.

Mission impossible. Ended up paying to go in to Garage, and then left 20 min later because the que outside was so massive, the rest didn't get in. The night ended there, me and Deborah got a taxi back home and I went to bed early. Took it easy yesterday as well, was working last night tho. And back to it again today.

Oh well, back to uni work...

Proper winter, really ?

It's starting to become quite cold, even for Scotland. Apparently there was a "storm" up north that destroyed a lot of things. But proper winter, as my flatmate Deborah claimed it to be ? I don't know if it's just the fact that winter is a lot milder here than back home, or if people just believes that this is proper winter. It really is not.

Anyways, stressout over uni so no I've got gastritis (magkatarr) and it's not very pleasant. And usually in uni you're able to see the end of the tunnel. But not now, no. It's just to far away. Apparantly november is the busiest month, thanks for telling me this now ! Guess I should suit myself tho, I new that it is a lot of stuff that is suppose to be handed in starting from next week and up to xmas. But still, it's a bit excessive.

Now, another night at work were the drama continues. More about that some other time maybe.

Love youse, miss youse !

It's just another monday

Oh still trying to recover from the weekend. Friday night I was working so that didn't really do much harm. But on saturday night we were all invited to my flatmate Dino's friend Liz, for a houseparty. Me, Deborah and Katie had a couple of drinks in the flat before leaving. While in the taxi the other two decided they wanted to go to a gig instead so I went along to the party to meet Dino. And you could say that knocking back white russians when you already have had a bottle of wine is not a very good idea. But it seamed so at the time. Managed to get my drunken ass in a taxi home and woke up yesterday with the worst hangover ever.

But I had to get my act together by 5 because Mike, a friend from work, bought us tickets to Goo Goo Dolls as a birthday present, thanks pal ! So we and a couple of other workmates had flatwarming drinks at Mike first. The gig was amazing, really glad I got a chance to see them. But today I feel like little bag of crap, and I've promised Debz that I'm coming over for drinks at hers and then a night out...

My life is killing me.

Am I a GIANT ?

I know I'm taller than most, at least in this country. Well, maybe not taller than most males but definitely taller than the girls. But it's not like I'm THAT tall. But a lot of the times in this country I feel like I am. See, on some of the buses I can hardly fit my legs in between my seat and the one in front of me. I always feel like I'm crammed in. And with the sinks, the one in our flat is really low. I'm always bending down over it when I'm brushing my teeth. It makes me feel like giant. But as I've said before, tall women earn more money so I guess it's not that bad.

Friday, bad kramps and 2 assignments due. Crap !


hey hey and hey

I'm at the wee iCafe close to were i live. Trying to get some uni work done before I'm heading of to the west end to meet some workmates for a couple of pints. Got two assignments due tomorrow, but is almost finish with them both. Just gonna have to do the rest tomorrow.

One month and two weeks, then I'll see you again Sweden my love.

Like the boom boom boom

Today is wednesday, one of my favorite days. You know you're half way through the work week and that the weekend is still to come. Also, Gossip girl is on at 8 pm and Desperate Housewives at 10. Got to lectures at uni which means a full day but not all day is spent in the library.

Ok, thats the fire alarm going off in the library so guess I must go.

Speak to you soon !

still waiting for that special... box

My mum sent me care package from Sweden last week. I'm still waiting for it to arrive so I keep thinking about how happy it's going to make me. Well it already is. I've been infront of this computer for about 4 hours now and I'm off to a computer lab soon. Just a lot of PC time today I guess. Tonight my lovely flatmate Sue is cooking a traditional scottish meal for me. Can anyone guess what ? Her boyfriend's coming over from Edinburgh and as always I'm the third wheel. So hopefully some good food and a nice night infront of the TV while completing an assignment will do me well.

It's already quite dark outside, don't know if I like it or not...


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