It's been a while...

Oh, and that sentence makes me think of that song. Can't remember by who, but it reminds me of my teenage years. The last week has been busy. I'm swamped in uni work so I doubt that I'll do anything fun before next weekend when my dear dear Helena is over for a visit. This week has also involved Dino's birthday, the making and eating of hajktarta, as well as a lot of lost keys and a night of too much afterpartying in the flat by other people when trying to sleep. So I've been tired for a bit as well. My iPod broke, so I'm picking up a new one today. And, I twisted my ancle and fell down the stairs in the lecture theatre. Such a good friday... Everyone's away for the weekend so my plan is to beast one of a million essays and finish it. I'll come back with an update on that when I know if I failed or not...

Love you


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