Wet silence

Sorry for the silence, guys. But the week did not start the best way. Were sitting alone in my living room on monday night, talking to Julia and Carro on skype. All of a sudden I here what I thought was the shower. Which was weird because everyone was away. So I went to have a look and when I open door for the bathroom their is a flood of water coming out of the bathroom light. I panic and throw in like on towel before trying to get in touch with the landlord. When the plumbers finally came, a lot of the water had made its way down to the neighbor downstairs. So not only is our roof and floor ruined, her roof as well. Apparently the water tank over our bathroom over flooded because it was rusty, and instead of the over flowing pipe going out the building it was pointing down our bathroom... And because all the electricity lying loose up their we're not allowed to use the electric shower. And as our landlord so nicely put it - 'You guys have a bath don't you?'. So, for now all of us just have to take baths...

Oh, the relaxing feeling of a bath.


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