Day off

Been at uni most of the day today. It really is insane how much work I have to do... It's killing me just a wee bit. So I decided this is the week I'm treating myself to some nice things. Like dying my hair, which I'm in the process of doing just now. It's not so much dying as even out the roots, but still. It feels nice. And I'm also getting my nails done on thursday. Always wanted to try and off course give the whole stop-biting-my-nails-hell a go again. So getting wee extensions done thursday. Then off course my dear dear Helena is arriving on friday which means a weekend of drinks, fun times and shopping off course. Already have my eyes set on a new bag from COS. I know mom, I have my Marc By Marc Jacobs. But as I'm really not a big bag person I would like to have a bag so swap with ones in while, don't want to wear out my dear MarcyMark.

Need to wash this color out, will show the result tomorrow. Btw, how much does the latest episode of Gossip girl make you long for the next one ?! OMG, lonely boy and Queen B, who would have guessed ?!
Love you,


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