New nails

Went to get my nails done this morning. It was quite a nice experience and not to expensive. Cheaper than I thought at £31, so I could definetely go again. But I will make sure to go on wednesday because than you get 2 for 1, which means they'll give you a voucher for the same treatment for free to use at another time. Or to go with a friend. I'll show you guys a picture when I get back to the flat tonight. I did natural pink extensions so no frensh tips, which means I've painted them over because who has pale pink whitish nails ? Bought a nice light brown polish together with a darkred. Painted them brown for now, we'll see when the dark red will go on. Hopefully this will lead to me quit biting my nails. Fingers crossed !

Now, back to uni work before actual work. Btw, twisted my ankle again tuesday night getting off the bus so if you see a blond girl limping around at iCafe GWR, that's me.


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