Old times

It's been a long times since I've written here. Or anywhere. But tonight I went back and read al those posts from 2010 and 2011, and got all warm and fuzzy inside. It's funny that there is still a few people who ends up reading this blog, which hasn't been updated in over two years.
So, what has happened? I left Glasgow after my year with such great memories and friends for life. Spent the summer in the States working as an au pair in Darien, CT, outside New York. Came back to move in to my first proper flat on my own, finished my last year of uni with placement at Adecco and a thesis finally. Got a job at Adecco as a recruiter, and here I am. It's 2013, still working and enjoying life. Not so much at the moment, but that's because my foot is a cast and I'm on crutches. But only 5 days to go, and I'm back on two legs. I've got the best of friends who's keeping me company, doing my laundry and cooking for me so I'm not the one to complain. 
We'll see when I'll be back here again, but it was so nice to be able to go back and read about how it alla was back then. It's a diary most of all, so maybe I should keep this just for that.


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